Sangwa files for divorce

By Agness Changala-Katongo

Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa has filed a petition in the Lusaka High Court seeking to dissolve his marriage to Vivien Nsingo Sangwa.

State Counsel Sangwa wants the Court to dissolve the couple’s 26 year old marriage on grounds that it has broken down irretrievably and that the couple has lived apart for a continous period of more than five years immeditaley, preventing the presentation of the petition from December 2014 todate.

“The said marriage has broken down irretrievably by reason of the fact that the petitioner and the respondent have lived apart for a continous period of more
than five (5) years immeditaley preceding the presentation of this petition : from December 2014 to date,” Sangwa stated.

According to a petiton for dissolution of marriage filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry on February 6, 2020, Sangwa stated that he married Vivien on June 6, 1993 by way of a civil ceremony celebrated at the University of Zambia Chapel in Lusaka.

He stated that after the celebration of the marriage, the petitioner and respodent lived together as husband and wife in Lusaka West .

Sangwa stated that the petitioner and responded are both domiciled in Zambia and are both legal practitioners by profession and resides in Lusaka and Ndola respectively.

He stated that the couple has three children of the family now living with the yongest being born on July 22, 1999 and eldest on August 11, 1994 but all male.

He stated that to the best of his knowledge there are no other children now living that have been born to the petitioner during the substance of the marriage and they have been no previous proceedings in any court in Zambia or elsewhere with reference to the marriage or between the petitioner and the respondent with reference to any property of either or both of them.

Sangwa stated that there are no proceedings continuing in any court outside Zambia, which are in respect of the marriage or which are capable of affecting it’s validity or substence.

He has stated that there is an arrangement between him and Vivien for the maintenance of the children of the family.

Sangwa wants the marriage to be dissolved and that parties bear their respective costs.

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