Sangwa should soldier on

Sangwa should soldier on


Well, truth be told; Many people don’t even care about his court appearances or what he does there. I am sure his Partner Robert Simeza can do that on behalf of their firm.

So even if they ban him from appearing in court until further notice due to what has been termed as Professional misconduct, it won’t close his mouth.

Further, his life and survival goes beyond him practicing as a Lawyer. Law is not the only thing that puts bread and butter on the mans table.

Many lawyers in this country have side Businesses bane. And John Sangwa is one of them. A person who invested in a $10m dollar poultry plant called SOUTHERN chicken. And it still gives him money via private Business contacts. That’s because there is also life beyond formal employment guys.

Many Zambians have been enjoying seeing and listening to him talk about constitutional matters on different media platforms.
Being banned from appearing in court won’t close his mouth or shut his brains. Neither will it make him go to bed hungry.🤝🏾

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    The judiciary should put it’s house in order, the con-court judges started immediately their biased judging to make their master happy, hence compromising Justice.

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    The judiciary should put it’s house in order, all this started immediately the con-court judges started their unfair court rulings.

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    The Chief Registrar has not disciplined John Sangwa. He has merely received a complaint from the Judiciary against the conduct of Sangwa. The Judiciary has said that it’s not willing to accept Sangwa appearance before it until it’s compliant is heard and disposed of by the disciplinary committee of the Law Association of Zambia.