Sangwa tells Chief Justice Mambilima to chose special judges in Stanbic corruption case

Sangwa tells Chief Justice Mambilima to chose special judges in Stanbic corruption case

The case in which Stanbic bank Zambia and some Supreme Court judges have assigned Lusaka lawyer John Peter Sangwa to defend two Stanbic Bank employees facing charges of false swearing has taken a new twist.

This time, Sangwa has written to Chief Justice Irene Mambilima asking her to intervene and only assign specific judges to handle the matter. According to the letter copied to deputy chief justice Marvn Mwanmwambwa and the master of the supreme court, Sangwa says the matter should not be given to just any judge.

‘While we appreciate the attention the Supreme Court has given to this new matter, we are concerned that some judges being considered for the case should it go to trial may not be conversant with the ingredients of the Savenda Management Services Ltd Vs Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited matter,’ Sangwa told Chief Justice Irene Mambilima in the letter.

What Sangwa is telling the chief Justice and her deputy here is that the Savenda v Stanbic matter should only be handled by judges who are part of the cartel that was bribed by the bank though Eric Silwamba.

We have consistently said that Supreme Court judges received hefty bribes to trash the high court judgment that ordered Stanbic to compensate Savenda for negligence and breach of duty. Here is just one clear proof that Supreme Court judges, Stanbic and their lawyers have been conducting clandestine meetings to defeat the course of justice.

See the phrase ‘sub Rosa’ on Sangwa’s letter to Mambilima. Sub Rosa or under the rose means clandestinely. Why should a criminal matter be done clandestinely, if there is no corruption involved?

Sangwa has also told the chief justice that even court registrars handling the matter should be those pre-selected and not any other court official. Sangwa says some registrars (who are not part of the cartel) might not be able to stand cross examination from prosecutors.

“We hope that remedial measures will be taken quickly,’ Sangwa told chief Justice Irene Mambilima. What remedial measures does Sangwa want Mambilima to take?

Imagine how wonderful life would be for criminals if you commit a crime but it is your lawyer who will chose the judge for you? This is what is happening here. Why would a defence lawyer in a criminal matter be giving instructions to the head of the judiciary to choose judges in his case? Is this how low our judiciary has sunk really?


On 18 July 2018, a combined team of the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) officers and Zambia Police’s Department of Frauds and Financial Crimes officers arrested Sstanbic Bank managers Reuben Malindi and Mazuba Lungwe for Falsely Swearing before a High Court Judge contrary to Section 109 of CAP 87 (Penal Code) of the Laws of Zambia.

One of the charges against the duo is that Malindi and Mazuba told the High Court Judge that there was no evidence of an error in the system of Stanbic Bank (Z) Ltd which caused the Savenda account to go into default. But a letter written on April 23rd, 2009 by a senor Stanbic director Augustine Chigudu stated that the Stanbic Bank system in Zambia was faulty at the time Savenda management was servicing its loans. Further, the director in the same letter indicated that the failure of the Bank’s system caused the Savenda management loan repayment to go into the bank’s suspense account. This letter clearly shows that Malindi and Mazuba lied to a High Court Judge under oath which is a criminal offense under the Laws of Zambia.

When they were arrested, the Bank hired Sangwa to stop the criminal prosecution. The bank is coughing Sangwa’s fees as he attempts to stop the police from prosecution the suspects.

And sources within the intelligence have confirmed that Standard Bank of South Africa (the parent company of Stanbic Zambia) has opened two bank accounts for Malindi and Mazuba in Pretoria in which US$150,000 has been deposited for each one of them. The sources further confirmed that John Sangwa has received twice that amount.

In the now infamous Supreme Court contempt of court case against Bishop John Mambo and Chifire, the same John Peter Sangwa is the star witness on behalf of the Supreme Court. It is difficult to see what Sangwa’s personal interest in this matter where he is now the defence lawyer, witness and reporter, in addition to be the lead praise singer for the Supreme Court.

In the matter of false swearing brought by police against the two Stanbic Bank employees, Reuben Malindi and Mazuba Lungwe, John Sangwa has so far been suspiciously granted an order by High Court Judge D. Bowa to stop the criminal prosecution of the two bank employees.

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