Sanity will return to Zambia – Seer1

Sanity will return to Zambia – Seer1

Good evening.

Today at my resident in Limpopo South Africa, I received and had a meeting with some top Nigerian Government officials and representatives.

These includes…….

Her Excellency, Honorable Mrs Chendo. Minister of Consular affairs.

Mrs. Folani, Senior Administrator at the Nigeria Embassy Pretoria South Africa.

Mr. Ben Okoye. President of the Nigeria Citizens in South Africa.

Bishop Ronti. President of the Nigerian pastors in South Africa.

Chief Chima. Chairman the Nigeria citizens in Limpopo.

I have listened to the government of Nigeria through their representatives today and they have listened to me.

As a Jagaban, the DON OF POWER in Africa, I have made a promise to my government and the people of Zambia that peace will prevail, sanity will return together with unity as I wait for my demands to be met.


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