Sanlam insurance is illegally deducting my salary

Sanlam insurance is illegally deducting my salary

Hello ba Watchdog

Please expose this insurance company called Sanlam Life Insurance. This company started deducting my money K506 from my payslip on August, 2020. I have been going to Chipata branch to stop the deduction and the response I get is that they do not have stop order forms. I have been sending cancellation letters through their email and they told me that they cancelled the illegal deduction. That was in November last year but up to now they are still deducting. I have reported them to Competition and Consumer Protection Commission but this Commission is doing nothing to them.

Look at how civil servants are underpaid with this biting economy and then a company is deducting K506.00!

Does PMEC demand for consent forms from these insurance companies before effecting a deduction on poor civil servants? It seems these insurance companies and PMEC connive to get money from civil servants because there is no way PMEC can allow money to be deducted through payslips without seeing signed documents from both parties. Who should clean up this mess at PMEC?

Please expose this insurance company which has made my life hell by deducting such amount of money. What procedure can I take to sue this company as I can’t afford to hire a lawyer?

Thank you

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