Crooks from Sao Tome ‘invade’ Airtel SMS system

Many Airtel customers have been receiving strange and unsolicited text messages (SMS) from the Airtel system.

The same texts, designed to entice unsuspecting Airtel customers with money are being sent to numerous customers and asked to call a number in Sao Tome and Principe, a Portuguese speaking Island in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

Some clients have complained that they feel swindled by Airtel as they are hoodwinked into replying.

It’s not yet clear if some Airtel customers have already lost money from these suspicious messages.

Below are some of the messages received by different clients:

‘The Director of bank is waiting your call to finish the transfer of 50000$ call now for free on this number 002392297124 to get your amount.’

‘The Director of Commercial Bank of Zambie is waitting your call on 002392297125 to give you your 50000$ but if you don’t call now your gift will be cancelled’

‘Standard Bank informs you that you  call immediately the 002392211004 you have a great news.’

‘hi im in zambia i will leave to france tomorow listen, I left a message on my answering urgent call me this is my number  002392214395.’

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