Sata abandons ‘flopped’ Kalomo rally

Sata abandons ‘flopped’ Kalomo rally

PF leader Michael Sata Sunday abandoned his planned public rally in Kalomo due to poor response from residents.

Sata was initially supposed to hold a rally in Kalomo on Saturday before going to Livingstone but his advance party advised him that there was resistance in Kalomo as people were not responding to adverts for the rally.

The PF team then decided to by-pass Kalomo and go to Livingstone. They had planned to  hold the Kalomo rally after Livingstone on Sunday.

A strong team was left in Kalomo to mobilize residents of Kalomo which is between Choma and Livingstone.

Around midday Sunday, the PF team in Kalomo communicated to the presidential team that the meeting will flop as Kalomo residents don’t seem to be interested.

Sata’s team decided to avoid the repeat of the Monze and Mazabuka embarrassments where only a few curious onlookers turned up for the rallies.

They therefore decided to abandon Kalomo and travel to Lusaka with a pretext that they have to rush to Western province on Monday.

In terms of registered voters, Kalomo district is larger than Livingstone. Livingstone district has only one constituency with 67,971 registered voters for 2011.

Kalomodistrict has three constituencies of Kalomo central with 37,983 voters this year; Dundumwezi has 28,423 and Mapatizya 26,438 bringing the total number to 92, 844.

Even smaller districts like Sinazongwe and Kazungula which Sata shunned have a lot of voters. Sinazongwe has 42,538 while Kazungula has 43,210.

Monze district has more than 80 thousand registered voters’ in its three constituencies of Monze Central, Moomba and Bweengwa.


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