Sata accused of recruiting only tribesmen from Post newspaper

An electronic message circulating in Zambian newsrooms is questioning why President Michael Sata has given jobs to only Bemba journalists from the Post Newspaper.

The message, which appears to have been originated by an insider, says almost all the journalists Sata has so far given government jobs are either from Luapula or Norhern provinces.

The message names those given jobs so far as Joe Kaunda, George Chellah, Patson Chilemba, Chibaula Silwamba and Chansa Kangwa Kabwela. (Amos Malupenga has also been given a job.)

The message says ‘Larry Monze (Tonga), Speedwell Mupuchi (Luvale), Bivan Saluseki (Northwesterner), Joan Chirwa (Nsenga) have been left out. Why is Mr. Sata only comfortable working with his tribemates?’

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