Sata accused of running two cabinets

Sata accused of running two cabinets

Some PF senior cabinet ministers have bitterly  complained of being undermined by the Winter Kabimba group sponsored by the Post newspaper.

Sources said the ministers feel president Michael Sata runs another  cabinet comprising the Post newspaper, the Nchito brothers, Ms. Silvia Masebo, and ‘heir’ to the throne Winter Kabimba.

They say there is a deliberate ploy to project Kabimba as a statesman hence assigning him in so many responsibilities to represent the president such as the forth-coming African Union summit which the president might not even attend.

Senior government leaders are wondering how Kabimba can represent the president at such high level Heads of States meeting when there is Guy Scott who is the republican vice-president and more suited to represent the president.

Sources said whenever this team meets the president, their decisions are so binding that other ministers are just used to rubber-stamps them, a situation that has seriously angered most of them.

Senior PF officials are also complaining about Ms. Masebo’s sudden powerful position in government and the PF party when she is just a new-comer who was insulting president Sata not long ago under the government of late president Levy Mwanawasa.

“There are decisions that we as ministers just read about them in the Post newspaper like any other citizens, when they are supposed to be decided by a full cabinet.

We want to know the role of Mr. Mmembe and the Nchito brothers in cabinet, since it is clear that most of the cabinet decisions are done between Mmembe, Kabimba, Masebo, Nchito brothers and president Sata” said the source.

The source said the nation must know that 70 percent of cabinet decisions in recent months have been made by a few cabinet out-siders and others are just made to rubber stamp.

Senior PF ministers said its is a pity that the opposition is not aware that they are dealing with a very weak and seriously divided cabinet and government.

To say the truth, the situation is not ideal and good for governance and smooth administration of the country.

The same cabinet is totally divided on the arbitrary arrest of opposition leaders using state police and cadres disguised as state police of which the entire cabinet is aware of.

The victimisation of Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda is also not supported by entire cabinet and PF leadership because it is also being used to instil fear in other leaders.

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