Sata accuses CSO of leaking correct employment figures to ZWD

President Michael Sata on April  11, 2014 phoned the management of Central Statistics Office (CSO) and blasted them accusing them  of leaking  the correct employment numbers to the Zambian watchdog.

On march 31, 2014, the Zambian Watchdog released a CSO confidential document obtained from Sata’s filthy colonial office showing the correct employment figures in Zambia as opposed to the lies he has been feeding the nation.

See the documents here

But Sata was incest that the Zambianwatchdog obtained from his table and released the figures but instead called CSO management and insulted them for allegedly leaking a document classified confidential, though it should not even be classified as such under normal cirmstances.

Mr. Sata has now directed that CSO in the next few days released concocted employment data that should show that new employment figures have actually reached 1,390,000.

CSO in the next few days or weeks, will produce these new numbers, but Zambianwatchdog will also give you the employment numbers breakdown company by company.

Just for your tip, the biggest mining company KCM employees 22,319 miners.

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