Sata accuses RB and cronies of trying to divide Zambia on ethinic lines

Sata accuses RB and cronies of trying to divide Zambia on ethinic lines

President Michael Sata says former president Rupiah Banda is trying to divide Zambians on ethnic lines.

Sata says he does not understand why it should be up to Rupiah Banda to decide what race, tribe and region a president should come from.

Sata says the manoeuvres by Mr Banda to divide Zambians by pitting different ethnic groupings against each other, are highly regrettable.
“However, we are comforted because Zambians know Mr Banda when it comes to tribalism. His record at NAMBOARD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Lusaka district governor speaks for itself. It is this record that makes him feel at home when dealing with certain well-known tribally-based political establishments in the country,” Sata said.
In a statement released in Lusaka yesterday by his mouth-piece George Chellah, Sata  wondered why Mr Banda feels he should determine the race, tribe or region a head of State should come from.
Sata claimed  Zambians are united and have been living in harmony since independence.
He said it is, therefore, heartbreaking that the former president Banda is trying to incite tribes to satisfy his ego.
“The nation will appreciate that Mr Banda has a lot in common with those who practise tribal politics. Firstly, Mr Banda and his newfound friends sadly look at issues from an ethnic perspective and are driven by egos, greed and selfishness in their quest for power,” he said.
The President said it is a pity that Mr Banda and his allies are taking ‘too’ long to heal from the wounds of defeat in last year’s general elections.
He said the former President and his friends are in a perpetual desire for elections, to try to avenge their defeat, at the expense of Zambians whom they claim they want to serve.
Sata said unlike his opponents, he is in politics to benefit all Zambians, regardless of their political affiliation, tribe and race.
He said his administration will therefore not be dragged into personal tribal wars as the PF administration is an all-inclusive government which belongs to all Zambians.
“No doubt, the corruption in Mr Banda’s administration was too much and as a result, Zambians have been calling for the lifting of his immunity but we will only do that once we have completed our duty to demonstrate to our people just how corrupt he was,” he said.

Sata said government will concentrate on fulfilling its campaign promises, adding that those obsessed with tribalism and bitterness should extricate themselves from the self-inflicted shackles.
“Our only hope is that they quickly outgrow their destructive type of politics and become a bit more useful to the country,” Sata said.

Sata’s remarks appear to be derived and based on rumours published the Post newpaper on Friday.

The Post, quoting unknown sources wrote that Rupiah Banda wants Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba to enter into an alliance but wants it to be led by Hichilema because he doesn’t want a Bemba to rule again, MMD sources have revealed.

The sources said Banda had been courting Hichilema and told the UPND leader he would deliver Eastern Province to him.

“He has made it clear. He is against a Bemba candidate running for presidency and assuming power again. He wants Hichilema as presidential candidate and Nevers as vice-president. But Hichilema is facing resistance from MMD members too. They feel Hichilema only has influence in Southern Province and that would not take the alliance anywhere,” the sources said.

According to the sources, Banda openly expressed his dissatisfaction with Mumba because he was becoming ‘puffed up’.

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