Hallucinating Sata orders construction of schools in Chongwe

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has directed the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education to construct secondary schools in the area, but the directive has been described as an act of appeasement and wishful thinking.

Just a day ago Sata was explaining that his regime increased the price of fuel because they have no  money to fund pending projects accross the country.

Mr. Sata issued the directives today during the laying of a foundation stone for the construction of Chalimbana University in Chongwe district.

“Education minister ensure secondary schools are opened in all the chiefdoms of Chieftainess Nkomesha Mukamambo II,” he directed but Stephen Shipanuka, a political analyst said Sata’s remarks were impossible looking at the many projects he has been talking about.
“He is talking about Chalimbana university, tarring all roads in Chongwe, and now schools but is Chongwe the only district in Zambia and what about some incomplete projects like the misplacedmodern Mongu stadium which has been left hanging,” wondered Shipanuka.

Shipanuka further reminded Sata that the districts recently declared require infrastructure development and that the ailing leader must not be making unsupported statements.

And Sata’s ally, Chieftainess Nkomesha Mukamambo II said the people of Chongwe district will support the PF government in all its projects and also appealed to government to consider utilizing the land she gave the state to construct a police camp in Chongwe.

She expressed disappointment that nothing has been done on the piece of land she released to government for constructing of police housing units and an office block when the MMD was still in power.

The traditional leader revealed to President Sata that police in Chongwe dont have  houses or offices.

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