Sata ‘admitted’ in Israel, may have left country unconscious

Sata ‘admitted’ in Israel, may have left country unconscious

President Michael Sata, who was sneaked out of the country on Friday evening, was indeed booked for admission and intensive medication at Assuta Tourist medical Centre in Israel’s second largest city Tel aviv. Assuta medical centre specializes in cancer treatment.

And latest information indicate that Sata may have been hardly conscious when he was evacuated and all defence and security commanders were in attendance when he handed over power to Wynter Kabimba to make sure nothing went wrong. Sources say Sata could have lost conscious just after take off forcing the pilot to divert the plane to South Africa where he was resuscitated and expected to be put on special air ambulance to Tel Aviv. But the Watchdog is not yet sure if Sata has already being evacuated from South Africa to Israel or not.

Information about his whereabouts is a heavily guarded secret that even some of his ministers and family members are not aware of where he has gone.

But highly placed sources from Zambian government security wings close to the secret evacuation indicate that ifSata reached Israel, he was destined and booked at Assuta Tourism Medical Center which is ranked one of the best in the world.

The location and contacts details as obtained by the Zambian Watchdog for Assuta, which is the Israel’s largest and leading private medical services are: 20 Habarzel St, Ramat Hachayal, Israel, phone number +972-3-7643247, Tel Aviv 69710, Fax: +972-3-7643248, Email:

Efforts to get details from the hospital receptionist failed as she declined to give any details, but said they are only allowed to answer the patients’ listed phone numbers.

And when the Zambian government say president Sata has gone on holiday, they are correct because the ASSUTA medical centre also offers tourism packages alongside treatment, see their website here:

Patients also go site seeing as part of the treatment program, but Sata has not gone there on a working holiday as being cheated by PF government officials, but on a cancer treatment holiday.

But highly placed sources say his cancer is so advanced that any attempts to operate him may just worsen the situation, as most of the internal organs are literally not functioning.

Even worse, Sata’s frail and weak condition makes it difficult for any further and complicated medication, especially if it involves an operation.

Each year, Assuta provides approximately 92,000 operations, 683,000 ambulatory checks and treatments, 440,000 imaging tests (such as MRI and CT), 4,000 heart catheterization procedures and 16,000 IVF treatments. Each treatment at Assuta, whether minor or major, is conducted with the highest quality of care and proficiency.

They also provide air ambulance services from any part of the world.

As for the letter of invitation from out-going Israel President Shimon Peres for bilateral meetings, sources say it could indeed be there as part of the huge cover-up operation.

This is however a preliminary investigation by the Zambian Watchdog as other unconfirmed reports still indicate that, while he was booked in the Tel Aviv hospital, he may not have reached the Israel medical center.


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