‘Sata and fellow old men start implementing increased retirement age’

Dear editor,
My soul is full of sorrow when I look at the way this country is been taken to the dogs. Today 28th may 2013, the secretary to the cabinet was addressing heads of departments in a meeting held at the Provincial Administration in the  Planning unit conference hall. He brought the message of instilling fear in the civil service. it was clear though that he was sent to explain the issue of subsidy. He asked a Mr. Mwinga to explain  the idea of the subsidy with a call to all civil servants to be loyal to the government of the day and support its policies whether good or bad.
Editor, what saddened me was the talk about improving the pension scheme. He categorically stated that the age limit for retirement has been approved by cabinet and will be implemented. He also mentioned that retirees will not be given lump sum of their pension to avoid destitution and also to help push the contributions into projects.
Country men and women, I see this as a crooked thinking. In the first place, I thought the issue of retirement age was enshrined in the constitution and was heavily debated with the majority speaking against it. Where on earth, could cabinet go behind closed doors and endorse a disastrous item? This is detrimental to national development and oppression to the civil servant. Just because Sata’s government is full of old and finished characters does not guarantee them to continue maintaining a government of the old. Our life span is short. We need to retire early enough to enjoy our spoils.
This aside, government, it seems, is busy thinking of making a saving even where they can not. This is the reason they are busy removing legitimate allowances from the civil servant. The idea of extending the retirement age is a crooked way of running away from paying new retirees for a period of 10  years. What a crooked way of looking at issues? Dr R. musiska also said the retiree will continue getting a monthly pension without getting a big sum of money. This is madness of the highest older. Who will leave long enough after 65 years of age to draw monthly contributions enough to finish what he has worked for? Does he think we work for the administrators of the estates after our death?
Please, country men and women, let us rise up against these evils. Sata wants too keep the money for his limitless dreams. By the way, he may not even live to fulfill the wicked dreams.
We should get our full package and do justice to it. Nobody will go to Sata and his crooks to beg for money after retirement. Where are the trade unions? Let them go and look at this approved retirement age and tear it in the face of Musiska and Sata.

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