Sata and HH’ s parentage

Ailing dictator Michael Sata’ statement over the weekend about UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s parentage shows how rotten Sata’s head is.

What has Sata got against people raised by single parents or single parents themselves?

Why vilify people who have grown up with a single parent. What is wrong with being brought up by a single parent if really that is how HH was brought up? And is not admirable that one woman raised such an accomplished citizen?

How many people in Zambia have been brought up by single parents?

Thousands of people who voted for this mad man in 2011 were raised by single parents or are single parents themselves

Among the small group that went to listen to him in Katuba, we are sure there were many who were brought up by single parents or are single parents themselves. Sol Sata is telling us these people are sick?

What is more disappointing however is that the Post Newspapers carried the story as the main headline when the owner of the paper Mr. Fred Mmembe himself does not know his father. Fred grew up with his mother at Newa Village in Mongu. His father is a Mr. Mumembe but because he has never seen him he decided to remove a u from Mumembe to become Mmembe.

M’membe was brought up by his mother who was selling traditional medicine to pay his school fees. Is he sick?

Sata’s right hand man and potential successor Wynter Kabimba himself only knew his father in late 90’s. Wynter grew up with some headman in Sibuyunji. So what is Sata’s problem?

We now believe reports that former Sports Deputy Minister Jumping Castle Stephen Masumba told his friends in the Copperbelt that Sata has not stopped smoking Dagga.For how else can you describe such behaviour from a Republican President?

What about Sata himself, how sure is he that all the people carrying his name are his really children?

We are aware that one of his so-called sons with his current wife Christine Kaseba is not even his son.

He is the son to David Chakonta the TEVETA Director General.

Should we tell HH to start querying the parentage of Sata’s “Son”? Sata has another son with Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary Inutu Suba.  But the boy is an imbecile, meaning that the boy does not know his father.

Are these the type of issues Sata wants to start bringing in to public?

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