Sata and HH will destroy the country-Chiluba

Chiluba and his wife singing at some church event

FORMER president Frederick Chiluba on Sunday evening told tenants at Ndola’s Itawa Flats that they should not vote for opposition leaders Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema because they will destroy the country once in power.

But Patriotic Front (PF) president Sata said Zambia is suffering because Chiluba destroyed the country by loving corruption and buying suits.

Chiluba, who was in the company of his wife Regina, former MMD provincial chairman Terence Findlay, Ndola District MMD vice publicity secretary Alex Mubanga popularly known as Shimpundu pankoloko, told the tenants at the flats that they would never see development in the nation in the event that they voted for the PF-UPND pact.

One of the tenants, who did not want to be named, revealed that Chiluba asked the tenants to give President Rupiah Banda and the MMD government a second chance by giving him a vote next year.
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And the Zambia Daily Mail reports thatfromer President Frederick Chiluba has appealed to Copperbelt residents to vote for President Banda and the MMD in the 2011 general elections.

Dr Chiluba said voting for the Patriotic Front-United Party for National Development (PF-UPND) pact will be retrogressive to the economic development of the country.

He was speaking in Ndola on Sunday night when he addressed tenants at Itawa council flats.

Dr Chiluba was accompanied by his wife, Regina, former Copperbelt MMD provincial chairman Terence Findlay and MMD district officials.

He said Government under President Banda has scored a lot of successes economically and should be given another chance.

The former President assured Itawa flats tenants that he will personally talk to President Banda on the pending sale of council flats to sitting tenants.

“I will talk to President Banda on the issue of selling these flats to you the sitting tenants,” Dr Chiluba said.

And one of the tenants hoped that the sale of the council flats will be discussed soon so that tenants can purchase the quarters.

“The government promised to sell these flats in 1996. So, we are looking forward to the intervention of President Banda on the matter,” the tenant said.
And MMD Masaiti district chairman Michael Katambo said Dr Chiluba has every right to support a political party of his choice.

Mr Katambo said in Ndola yesterday that there was no need for political parties to be jittery about Dr Chiluba’s visit to the Copperbelt.

“Dr Chiluba as former head of state has a constitutional right to support any political party of his choice,” Mr Katambo said.

He said the MMD in Masaiti supports Dr Chiluba’s meeting with street kids and orphans in the province.
Mr Katambo called on the former President to extend his visit to Masaiti to address the youths in the area.

“We extend our invitation to Dr Chiluba to come and address the youths in the area. They will be very happy to be addressed by the former head of state,” Mr Katambo said.

Meanwhile, Dr Chiluba has dismissed assertions that he gave out money to Copperbelt residents during his visit.

Dr Chiluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba described the allegations as baseless with no substance.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that people on the Copperbelt welcomed Dr Chiluba because of the empowerment policy which he left during his tenure of office.

“The opposition leaders should not be scared of Dr Chiluba because he is not their political opponent whom they should gang up for and issue fabricated stories,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said there is nothing wrong for a former head of state to give support to any person of his choice.
“Why should it be an offence for Dr Chiluba to declare support for President Banda, when it was not an offence when he supported other leaders in past years?” Mr Mwamba said.

He said it is high time people started respecting his decision of supporting whoever pleased him.

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