Sata and his ministers increase their salaries discreetly

Sata and his ministers increase their salaries discreetly

President Michael Sata and his ministers have quietly  increased their salaries and allowances by more than 100 per cent for the president.

President Sata and his ministers and deputy minister’ salaries were increased on April 1, 2012.

Statutory instrument no. 17 of 2012 says president Michael Sata now gets K327 million  per annum.

According to the same Statutory instrument signed by Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda, president Sata also gets an allowance of K80 million.

Former President Rupiah Banda was getting K164,120,016 per annum.

Rupiah Banda’s  other allowance was K59,494,734 per annum.

Vice- president Guy Scott now gets K198 million from

Salaries for PF government ministers and deputy ministers have also been increase.

Statutory instrument no 18 of 2012 for ministers was also discreetly passed and salaries and allowances for both minister and deputy ministers increased from what MMD officials were getting.

Cabinet minister now get K149 million plus a number of allowances.

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