Lawlessness: Police seal off venue for UPND rally despite court order.

Lawlessness: Police seal off venue for UPND rally despite court order.

OVER 200 heavily armed policemen have sealed off Twashuka grounds in Kanyama where the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) where scheduled to hold a political rally this afternoon.
The police officers armed with guns, teargas cannsters and short buttons were deployed at the grounds at 04 00 hrs in the morning.
A check at the venue revealed that the police were keeping vigil and where not allowing people to stand in groups.
This is despite the Court order which was granted to the opposition party to hold the rally. On friday acting Inspector General of Police Peter Chingaipe cancelled an ealier permit for the rally on grounds that there wasn’t enough police manpower to police the event.
Sources in the police have however hinted that they are under “intense pressure” to ensure that the rally does not go ahead from State House

UPND were granted a permit to hold one of the many rallies earmarked for the country but later the police revoked it claiming there would be no man-power to police the rally because of the Zambia/Uganda game which was yesterday.

But UPND lawyers obtained a court to compel the police to allow the rally to go ahead.

Later the police claimed the court had not been saved on the them, but this was done yesterday.

It is not clear where the police manpower has suddenly come from to seal off the rally venue.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma confirmed the development to the Watchdog this morning.

And UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says move to seal off the venue is aimed at instilling fear in Zambians wishing to get divergent governance views in a democracy.

Mr. Lifwekelo said UPND top officials are heading to the venue with court documents.

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