Sata and Scott should be ashamed of themselves – Msoni

Sata and Guy scott are the most greedy Zambian politicians of our time who are out-to-enrich themselves at the expense of the suffering majority of the Zambian people.
No one believes that the hefty perks just awarded amongst themselves without any sense of shame literally ahead of a wage freeze in the national budget was done in good faith.
Wage freeze and sacrifice is not something that should always be shouldered and done by other people and not the PF politicians themselves.
Leadership entails great sacrifice and this is how you build and cultivate trust and win public confidence by sacrificing along with the people.
The fact that they have broken their own set of rules in the moratorium ahead of the 2014 national budget this invariably renders it useless and at best a non-starter.
The hypocrisy being exhibited by President Sata is striking and shocking. The man as un opposition leader heavily criticized his predecessors for making marginal increments whose salary scale he inherited upon assuming the presidency and has since made several upward adjustments in the last 24 months he has been in government without any sense of self censor and restraint.
We think a sense of shame is not a bad moral compass for any self-respecting political leadership entrusted with the statecraft.
The assertion by the minister of information and broadcasting FacksonShamenda that President Sata is the lowest paid head of statein the SADC grouping is misleading and being economical with the truth and facts.
We think Mr.Sata’s shoddy performance of state duties cannot be reasonably compared with pragmatic leaders in the SADC region as these presidents periodically hold press conferences and address their respective citizens on the state of their respective nations which Mr.Sata has never done and has made no-indication or intention to do so in the near future.
We think Mr. Shamenda should at all times restrain himself from justifying the selfishness being exhibited by Mr.Sata for more money in his pockets by comparing his earnings with other regional leaders in SADC without comparing the corresponding output and performance of Mr.Sata as state President.
There is no justification for more money whatsoever in his pockets as the state provides everything he needs whilst he remains a bonfide tenant at plot 1. He may well enjoy it while it last as his political future is very bleak indeed given the fact that it was obtained by false pretenses and deception. Our unsolicited advice is that he should not push his luck too far.
It is useless for Home Affairs Minister Edger Lungu to assert that Mr. Sata is only willing to for-go his 10% increment on condition that the opposition does the same. We think this is tantamount to some form of blackmail and attempting to hold hostage the legislators.
As state President he shoulders the highest responsibility among political players and should be seen to take a leading role by demonstrating leadership and giving up the 10% unconditionally with less ado.
We urge PF politicians in government to desist from abusing the privileged use of subsidiary legislation to siphon state resources by using statutory instruments to launder and perpetuating illegalities of awarding themselves outlandish amounts of money in the midst of crushing poverty amongst our people without any sense of shame whatsoever.

Nason Msoni

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