Sata appoints another unqualified relative into foreign service

Dear editor,

Michael Sata’s appointment of relatives is growing at an alarming rate, some have been done so quietly and will only be known after his reign. a few months ago this not so great leader lacking vision and interests of the nation at heart appointed a niece into foreign service.

This niece called Clara Chilupe who has been living in the UK for many years was appointed to work in the Zambia Embassy in Sweden as a Trade attaché. Not sure what trade the young lady will attract to Zambia as she has no experience in the area never mind the qualifications.

The many years this lady has been living in UK, she has been working as a carer, for those not familiar with this job, this is like a nursing assistant job which entails cleaning and feeding elderly people in nursing homes.

Not sure we can blame her for jumping high to grab this opportunity but the blame lies squarely on the president who is over looking the many qualified Zambians especially those based in Zambia and appointing people with no skill to run these offices simply because they are family.
The young lady is still a registered occupant of the her flat in East London which she shares with a Samuel Adjbolo.

Below is the address for the Chilupes in London, don’t stress;

Clara C Chilupe in London, E17
Konie C Chilupe in London, E17

Sata also appointed his nephew Mutale Mbalamweshi as an accountant at Zambian embassy in USA.

By the way pass me the UK names for that girl/ the sister to Kaseba so that i can get the address.

So what can M’membe say?

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