Sata appoints foreigner as Chibombo DC

The newly appointed district commissioner (DC) for Chibombo, Felix Mangwato is said to be Zimbabwean, but even with full knowledge about his nationality, President Michael Sata has gone ahead with appointing him DC, to the annoyance of local Lenje chiefs and subjects who know the origins of the Mangwatos.
Sources disclosed to the Zambian Watchdog that Mangwato, who is in his mid 40s originates from Zimbabwe. “The Mangwatos originated from Zimbabwe, just that they have been around Chibombo area for a long time and they have mastered the Lenje language and now want to deceive people that they are Lenje when they are not. Mr. sata doesnt like Lenjes and Tongas so he feels he cannot appoint anyone of them in that position,” said the source.
Investigations by the Watchdog reveal that Managwato who was an underground PF campaigner in Kasama and Ndola was supposed to be appointed DC for the newly created Chisamba district but because intelligence reports indicate that the Mangwatos’ Zimbabwean nationality in Chisamba is well known, the President decided to transfer the Chibombo DC to Chisamba and create room for Mangwato.
Further investigations reveal that Mangwato has been making frantic efforts to be accepted by the Lenje chiefs in Chibombo district who have constantly been asking for his tribe and nationality, despite his insistence that he is Lenje.

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