Sata appoints Kabimba as his ‘chola boy’

Embattled Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has been appointed as the Acting Zambian vice-president in an unprecedented move by the PF administration never done before.

Ceremonial Vice-president, Guy Scott, has left the country for other outside engagements but Mr. Michael Sata, the republican president, has appointed somebody to act which is never done when the president is in the country.

Mr. Kabimba himself is on record as having described the vice-president’s role as of no consequence as it was merely that of a chola boy to the president.

This week, republican president Michael Sata warned the Ant-Corruption Commission (ACC) never to investigate his senior party officials without seeking permission from him.

Justice minister, Kabimba is one of the senior and influential officials in the PF government currently facing corruption investigations by the ACC.

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