Sata appoints second deputy minister of Information

 President Michael Sata has appointed Mpika MP Mwansa Kapeya as deputy minister in the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Labour.

This means that, that ministry has now two deputy ministers. The other one is Nyimba MMD MP Fory Tembo. UnlessTembo has been fired in the last few days as it is difficulty keep pace with the frequent and abrupt changes in government.

President Sata said Kapeya’s function will be to spearhead the establishment of television stations in provincial centres countrywide.

Sata didn’t explain if Kapeya has special qualifications to install televisions.

“As a government we attach great importance to access to information and we do realize that the current state of affairs is not enough to cater for the growing information needs of the general populace,” President Sata said.

“It is therefore, our desire to ensure that our people especially those in rural areas receive adequate information through radio and television hence this decision to create television stations in provincial headquarters.”

Sata said the establishment of television stations in provincial centres will enable the people to view local content or productions thereby enhancing and safeguarding our cultural heritage.


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