Itezhi Tezhi MP maybe expelled before even been sworn in by Sata

Itezhi Tezhi MP maybe expelled before even been sworn in by Sata

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Monde with his wife

Unless State House rushes the swearing-in of their new deputy minister of agriculture, president Michael Sata will swear in a former MP.

The Watchdog understands that the UPND  was Wednesday mid-morning looking at Monde’s case and that as long as he admits that he will join the ‘donchi Kubeba’ regie, he will be expelled.

UPND deputy spokesperson, Edwin Lifwekelo has already said the party’s policy was very clear on MPs wishing to destroy democracy in the country by joining the ruling party.

Mr. Lifwekelo said the party will use the available disciplinary processes to expel the MP so that someone else can replace him.

President Michael Sata poached UPND MP for Itezhi Tezhi Greyford Monde as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock with immediate.

Greyford Monde is a friend of Sikwindi Situla, formerly Hakainde Hichilema’s campaign assistants but now one of the Deputy Secretary Generals in the PF.

But the UPND has said the following on its official Facebook page:

‘Our stand has always been clear, you don’t need to be a Minister to contribute to development as an MP. if a UPND MP accepts to be Minister, we wont think twice but put into action our resolution that was agreed and signed by all our MPs.
Itezhi Tezhi UPND MP Hon Monde who we hear has been sworn in as new Dept Minister for the  Ministry of Agriculture is being met this morning to exculpate himself and if it is true that he has accepted this appointment,then he is gone.’
Meanwhile, President Sata has swapped Commerce minister Robert Sichinga with his Agriculture counterpart Hon. Emmanuel Chenda.

This is according to a statement released by the President’s ‘voice mail’ George Chellar.

The appointment of Mr. Monde to the deputy ministerial position in Agriculture brings the number of deputy ministers in the same ministerial to three.

Monde is the first UPND MP to join the PF government that is determined to beef-up numbers in parliament in time for voting for the republican constitution.

There has been no reaction yet from the UPND leadership that believes their MPs can never save in the PF government.

The latest changes are coming at a time government is spending money printing and distributing the cabinet wall chart which has been in printing for a long time because of the continuous changes in government.

Yesterday, opposition leaders in South Africa presented a petition to the Commonwealth in which they alleged that dictator Sata’s government wants to destroy democracy by creating a one party state through bribing their elected MPs to join the ruling party in order to beef-up numbers in parliament.

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