Sata arrives in Mwansabombwe

President Michael Sata has arrived in Mwansabombwe and has since met Mwata Kazembe at his palace.

President Sata who was received with a firm hugging by the Mwata inside the palace went ahead to introduce his ministers who accompanied him starting with Home Affairs Lungu, Defence Mwamba, Mukanga, Kabanshi, Sakeni and deputy ministers Mwila, Musukwa and Kawandami among others.

After introductions, the president ordered everyone to go out and secured a two man audience with the Mwata which lasted close to 40 minutes when he emerged at the Door with the Mwata ushering him to the waiting cadre of both political and government personnel who kept vigil outside the Palace.

The president has since proceeded for lunch at the Convent of Sisters of Mercy which would be followed by the main procession of the ceremony at the Main Arena.

Earlier in the day the Mwata’s political Adviser and Chief spokesperson Richard Chanshi held a Press briefing were he guided the press on the history of the Lunda people where he disclosed that the Lundas did not originally come from Kola in Congo but in Sudan before they went to Kola.

He said the territorial influence of the Mwata’s traditional authority encompassed Chiefs; Mulundu, Lubinda, Musangu, Katuta Kampemba, Kashiba, Lukwesa, Kanyembo, Kambwali and three others in Congo.

And a local person, Godfrey Nkandu explained when Mwata was beating the drum at the Ng’ona river that the drum was using a language that was communicating to the ancestral spirits of the people who drowned when the lundas were crossing the Lualaba river to conquer the land.

He said the practice happens every year and the Mwata goes to the river to pay homage to the spirits and he thanks the spirits for peace that the kingdom has enjoyed and the harvest that the people have.

Every food that people eat in the kingdom, part of it is given to the spirits and that was the essence of coming to the river because the people who drowned were also entitled to be part of the conquest benefits because they were part of  the royal family.

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