Sata arrives in New Delhi

President Michael Sata has arrived in New Delhi, India this (Sunday) morning aboard an Emirates Airline and is expected to undergo medical screening tomorrow at some specialized clinic.

Yet, Private Secretaries at State House have continued posting updates on the so-called Sata’s Facebook page pretending that it is Sata who is posting.

According to intelligence sources here at home but closely monitoring the President’s movements, President Sata was received by Brigadier General Tembo Zambia’s High Commissioner to India and selected few embassy staff.

The Presidential Challenger is packed in Dubai at a huge cost to the country.

The President is expected to receive treatment in India for ten days before he heads to London for Cancer Radiotherapy at a Cancer Private Clinic on the Harley Street.

In India, the President will undergo Colostomy, which involves replacing the tube that helps the President answer the call of nature.

“The President has gone to India for medical treatment. He has already arrived aboard Emirates. The Presidential Challenger is packed in Dubai of course at a huge expense as you may be aware it is cheaper to fly a plane than to park it. It could have just come back than wait for fourteen days”

Sata can’t use the presidential challenger to fly to London because all planes from Zambia are banned from entering the European Union airspace as they are considered unworthy of flying and are a danger to both human life and the environment.

” In India he will undergo Colostomy then the last four days he will be in London for cancer treatment at that Clinic you disclosed last time. In India he will be an in-patient but in London he will be an outpatient,” the source said.

The source said the President has decided to go for such a long medical treatment because he anticipates a very busy campaign schedule at home due to a number of parliamentary by-elections ahead.

” In anticipation of several by-elections were he has no choice but to go and campaign, the Doctors advised that he undergoes serious medial treatment otherwise he would have collapsed during one of the rallies” the source said.

In March 2012, president Sata underwent treatment at India’s Samved Hospital situated in Navrangpura area.


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