Sata, as Linyungandambo member will be first witness in treason trial

President Michael Sata will be the defence witness number one if and when the treason trial for the Barotse activists starts in ernest, according to a press statement signed by MPs and other people sympathetic to detained activists.
He will be subpoenaed to explain his membership to the Linyungandambo. Like the we reported earlier, former dictator Kaunda will be summoned as closing defence witness. Sata will be required to explain if the objectives of the Linyungandambo has changed and if he resigned when and why.
Other witness will be representatives of the Royal Barotseland Establishment who will be put in the witness box to explain what role the played in the Barotse Council of 2012 that resolved that Barotseland should secede.
PF chairperson Inonge Wina will also be subpoenaed to, among other issues, to explain why she is not protecting the
84 people arrested for treason when she was hyper active when the Rupiah Banda administration arrested people on the same charges in 2011, to the extent of making false claims of monetary help to detainees
and their families.

Dr. Roger Chongwe, The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry set up by President Sata to look into the issue of Barotseland, will be defence witness nu,ber five and will explain the findings of the Commission and its recommendations.

Nathaniel Mubukwanu, MP will be summoned to explain why he is missing in
action in helping to alleviate the suffering of the 84 detainees, most of whom are from his constituency, when he was a leading figure in sympathizing and giving material help in respect of the 2011 arrests.

Other witnesses will include His Honour the Vice President Dr. Guy Scott, MP and the Minister of Defence, Honourable Geoffrey B. Mwamba, MP who will explain why they signed a circular letter condemning former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda for arresting and prosecuting some Barotse activists following the 14 January 2011 disturbances in Mongu.

The closing defence witness will be the First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, who will explain his role in negotiating for the Barotseland Agreement 1964 and why he signed it. He will also interpret the consequences of its termination by his government in 1969. The defence team will further inquire into the letters that President Kaunda wrote to the Ngambela and the Litunga in 1991 wherein he undertook to set into motion the implementation of the agreement upon his return to office after the elections of that year.

See the full statement below:

Press Statement on Barotseland Detainees (1)

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