Sata asks Chama North to vote for PF candidate

Sata asks Chama North to vote for PF candidate

President Michael Sata has urged people of Chama North to vote for the Patriotic Front in the forth coming July 5 by- election.

President Sata said that people of Chama have lacked behind in terms of infrastructure development because of refusing to vote for

He explained that this is why during this by election they should give chance to the PF who believes in delivering development for the
benefit of the people.

President Sata was speaking in Chama today when he held rallies at Chibale Basic School and Chama boma respectively.

He explained that Chama is a key economic area due to the fertile land and other natural resources such as parks that if fully utilized can
open up the area for tourism.

He said however, this is not achieved because of lack of development such as the current state of most roads linking to other areas in the

President Sata said this time the people of Chama should aim at embracing development that will in turn improve their wellbeing, adding that
only a PF Member of Parliament will be advocate for this change as he will belong to the government.

President Sata further clarified on the rumors that government does not want to buy the cotton from the farmers.

He explained that his government cannot be blamed from what is happening in the cotton industry as the MMD killed Mulungushi textiles
therefore making it difficult for cotton farmers to have a reliable market.

Mr Sata added that this is why the PF government will put strict measures in place to ensure that the textile resumes production.

And President Sata also met Chief Chibale, Mulilo and Kambombo all of Chama district.

During the meeting with the Chiefs, Mr Sata pledged government’s support to improve the lives of traditional leaders in the country.

He said government considers traditional leaders as key stakeholders in national development hence will put in place measures of ensuring
that they live a better life.

Mr Sata further directed Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichione and PF aspiring Chama North candidate January Zimba to take the issues
of Chiefs seriously.

The President said there is need to ensure that Chiefs have vehicles that are in good condition to easy their mobility in their Chiefdoms,
good water system and good road network among other essentials.

He added that the three Chiefs also need a good road that can link them to Isoka and Chinsali districts.

Meanwhile Chief Chibale said that he was happy to see the Sata, claiming that President Sata is the first President that has
visited the area since independence.
And Chief Mulilo and Chief Kambombo both called for improved education facilities and water sources in their Chiefdoms.

The two traditional leaders explained that their subjects have been subjected to walk long distances to access education and water.

The President was in Chama North to drum up support for PF candidate January Zimba in the forth coming by election slated for July 5 2012.

The Chama Seat fall vacant after the nullification of election results for MMD’s Darious Mumba who has since joined the PF.

The seat is been contested by MMD’s Yotum Mutyachalo, PF’s January Zimba and UNIP’s Herbert Zimba.

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