Sata asks for HH’s father at poorly attended Katuba rally

Sata asks for HH’s father at poorly attended Katuba rally

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 18.56.29At a poorly attended rally that even ZNBC was too ashamed to show, ailing dictator Michael Sata decided to vent his anger on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s father.

And Sata has told the people of Katuba that whether they vote for PF or not, PF will remain in power. In short he was saying their vote is useless.

Sata, having nothing no more lies to issue to the people of Katuba decided to talk about his health and Hichilama’s father.

“People who are sick are those who cannot tell who the name of their father is? My father is Mr Langford Mubanga Chanda what is Hakainde’s father and any leader who wishes another leader sick or dying is not fit to be a leader,” said Sata to a small crowd of people mainly imported from Lusaka and Kitwe.

Sata also said there is no need for people to demand a new constitution.

“Those people coming here talking about the constitution, do those people need the constitution, the choice is yours. Use it as you like when you vote on February 25, we will be watching and we will know what is happening and we will still be in government. We are the government,” he said.

“If you want to give your child food, if you do not have that food, or are you going to deny your own child and give to the child outside? When I was last here and where I am today I am seeing the same thing. I had promised you to bring telephones that is why you are seeing those masts there and I am very pleased the masts are here.”

ZNBC could not even show Sata’s embarrassingly poorly attended rally but just showed Sata standing on a podium.

The Watchdog has been informed that while Sata was busy talking about Hichilema’s father, Hichilema was also somewhere in the vicinity telling people why they should not vote for PF.


In the picture, Sata arrives in Katuba with his personal thug judge Ngoma and gives a child to carry his walking stick. We hope this child will be ok. And why is that guy examining Sata’s face so critically?

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