Sata blackmails Nsanda to attack GBM

President Michael Sata has blackmailed Roads Development Agency Board Chairman Willie Nsanda to attack former Defense Minister Geofrey Mwamba.Sata has told Nsanda that he is aware of the Nsanda’s corruption at the RDA and that he can only survive from arrest if he starts attacking GBM. The President on Tuesday called Nsanda to his office and told him that he was aware that Nsanda was getting roads construction contracts and selling them to Chinese contractors. The President also told Nsanda that he was aware that he sold a K 3000,000 contract to Varun Beverages trading as Pepsi to do road works in Southern province.
“The President is using intelligence information he is receiving to blackmail citizens. He told Nsanda that he was aware of his corrupt deals at RDA and directed him to go to Kasama and disparage GBM. It is so sad that the whole lot of the President can use intelligence briefs to blackmail citizens. Nsanda is very close to GBM but he had no option because of the many skeletons he has at RDA” the source from within the intelligence community said.
Yesterday Nsanda a morally bankrupt individual who at one time grabbed his late Son Mwila’s Girlfriend Ingrid and later married her but now divorced traveled to Kasama and featured on Radio Mano denouncing his friend GBM. He was accompanied to Kasama by another morally bankrupt man of God called Father Richard Luonde of the Anglican Church in Kitwe. Father Luonde has more girlfriends than disciples.

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