Sata breaks-up meeting for Bemba speaking leaders in Lusaka

Ailing dictator Micheal Sata yesterday again abused his brutal police when he forcibly disrupted a meeting which was scheduled to be held and attended by mainly Northern based Parliamentarians and Ministers as well as what they call Bemba-think-tank in Lusaka’s Kalundu Area.

According to sources who were supposed to be part of the meeting that was aimed at chatting the way forward on the recent happenings in Patriotic Front (PF) following the resignation of Former Defense Minister and Kasama Parliamentarian Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), riot police sent by Mr. Sata himself rushed to a house in Kalundu area and disrupted the meeting.

“Our well intended meeting on the way-forward following Mr. Sata’s hard-line stancy on Bemba speaking people serving in and outside his government plus the endless verbal abuse on us and our traditional leaders could not take off following. It is clear the Intelligence tip-off Mr. Sata and State House. He got wind of our noble meeting and has since instructed Police to roundup everybody including a convener who is a strong figure in the PF,” sources told the Zambianwatchdog.

Zambia Police in riot gear rushed to Kalundu and found a visibly shaken owner of the house who struggled to explain what the meeting and agenda was all about.

The meeting was expected to discuss among many items a possible formation of a break-away party comprising predominantly of Northern based PF MPs and Ministers with other strong PF sympathizers following what they have termed victimization in PF of Northern Province leaders

Sources said the meeting was also expected to scheme series of stage-managed resignations of ministers and other party officials alleging harrassiment in PF and the luck of respect for Bemba cultural and traditions as a strategy to retain Bemba vote from PF.

The Bemba leadership feel they have been used and now dumped as well because Mr. Sata, who they regard as a Bisa from Tanzania, seems to favour Muchinga Province and wants to partner with tribes from his newly created Muchinga province.

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