Sata calls for emergency meeting of police commissioners

President Michael Sata has reportedly called for an emergency meeting with  all provincial police commissioners at Sate House.

Sources said it is so far not clear what the meeting is all about but sources suspect it could be to do with a spate of gruesome murders the country is currently experiencing.

Zambia has of late experienced gruesome murders never experienced before in the history of Zambia.

Sata’s police have also been arresting opposition leaders and PF opponents as well as denying them permits to hold meetings.

Meanwhile, sources have told the Watchdog that the spate of gruesome murders going on may be a preamble to high profile assassinations and elimination of political opponents that may soon follow.

Sources said the PF regime would want to use the current rise in crime as an excuse to start eliminating of political opponents, civil society leaders, and even critical journalists.


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