Sata mildly calls for an end to PF squabbles, but Kapata says Kabimba must be disciplined

President Michael Sata has warned people creating parallel structures within the ruling Patriotic Front to promote their peculiar agenda to stop causing confusion in the party.

Appearing for the first time since returning from abroad where he went for medication, President Sata, in a very uncharacteristic manner was today forced to read a statement during swearing-in ceremony more relatives calling for an immediate end to the squabbles that have rocked the ruling Patriotic Front.

But unknown to Mr. Sata, Mandevu area Member of Parliament Jean Kapata was at the sometime delivering a letter to Deputy PF Secretary General Bridget Attanga calling for disciplining of Wynter Kabimba for calling the PF cabinet corrupt.

Ms. Kapata, who was fuelling squabbles, said it was very irresponsible of Mr. Kabimba to label the PF and Mr. Sata’s cabinet and government corrupt as a senior member and chief executive of the ruling party.

But during swearing-in ceremony, Mr. Sata stated that it is the same machinations which are grounded in malice and dishonesty that have stoked reactions from other party members who feel such actions have potential to weaken the cohesion of the party.

He has further demanded for loyalty especially from those serving in his administration by concentrate on the development agenda.

President Sata notes that the people of Zambia are becoming increasingly aware and will not be taken for a ride by anyone let alone the opposition parties that only have the agenda of deception and hatred.

The Head of State has also reiterated that he is not desperate for endorsement as the PF’s sole presidential candidate for the 2016 elections, stating that at opportune time he will indicate whether he accepts the nomination or not.

The president said this at State house today during the swearing-in ceremony for High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri and Ambassador to Turkey Miriam Mulenga.

And President Sata has urged Ms Phiri and Ms Mulenga to represent the country well in the countries they have been assigned to.

The Watchdog revealed that there was a memorandum of understanding between Mr. Sata and Kabimba to hand over power to him (Kabimba) that was even witnessed by former dictator Kenneth Kaunda.

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