Sata can’t force me to hate FTJ-RB

President Rupiah Banda says he will continue to respect former presidents and other leaders.

President Banda says there is no way Sata will force him to hate former president Frederick Chiluba.

President Banda said everyone knows that Sata used be FTJ’s closest ally but now he wants people to despise Chiluba because he (Sata) does.

He said as president his job is to unify the nation and not divide or support disunity.

And Banda said the PF\UPND pact is headed for failure as it was formed out of fear and desire to ‘fix’ him.

The president said the PF\UPND leaders decided to join forces because they fear RB.

President Banda said he has no desire to form a pact with any political party as he has a stronger pact, which is with the Zambian people.

Meanwhile, PF Spokesperson Given Lubinda said the MMD would not bring the desired development to this nation if they win the 2011 elections.

Lubinda castigated the MMD government saying their regime is reckless and is providing no development.

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