Sata can’t come to thank you because of Chitimukulu’s funeral-Dr.Kaseba

Sata can’t come to thank you because of Chitimukulu’s funeral-Dr.Kaseba

Late Chitimukulu

President Michael Sata, this time using wife Dr. Christine Kaseba as his ‘voice mail’ has claimed that he has not been to thank the people of Northern province to thank them for the votes because of the funeral of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Chitimukulu died on 3rd April this year at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, seven months after Sata was elected Republican President last year in September 2011.

According to the state owned but PF controlled ZNBC news this afternoon, Dr. Kaseba said President Sata wanted the people of Northern province to mourn the Paramount chief in dignity.

Dr. Kaseba is currently in Northern province to check and donate some cancer treatment equipment.

Mr. Sata has never been to various parts of the country to thank the voters, even where there were no funerals, unless in places where there were bye-elections.

One year in office now, no excuse has been given on Sata’s failure to address a live press conference and give policy directions.

Government sources also said the President Sata rarely addresses cabinet meetings while senior party members have also complained of lack of Central Committee meeting to discuss party positions on national issues as well as seek guidance on the current succession wrangles since being elected into office.

The only time the President addresses the nation is during swearing-in ceremonies and through George Chellar, who is his main ‘voice mail’.

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