Sata castigates people of Mansa for using pit-latrines

President Michael Sata on Wednesday castigated the people of Mansa for using pit-latrines and accused all Luapula province MPs of not working hard.

Sata said he would ensure that he personally develops the area.

“Ino incende ili fye cimo cine elyo naishileko panuma yamyaka 49, nanomba muchili mulenya mufimbusu ifyakwimba (this place has been stagnant for 49 years when I first came here and to date you are still using pit latrines!)” said Sata, sending some small children who had gathered to have a glimpse of him into laughter. Over 90 percent of Zambia’s rural community use pit latrines.

Sata was speaking at a rally to drum up support for the PF candidate in the Friday by election Dr. Chitalu Chilufya whom he said if he fails to deliver must be voted out during next elections. He did not articulate any development programmes for the area.

During his campaign in the same area, MMD vice president Dr. Michael Kaingu warned the voters to be ready for Sata’s insults as it was the only language he knew. Sata’s promise to personally take development to Mansa is an addition to the 90 days development promise he made to the whole country, which later turned out to be a gimmick to win elections.

Sata said Luapula MP’s have failed to take development to the province. Luapula Province has thirteen PF MP’s that include lands minister Harry Kalaba, Local Government Emilyn Kabanshi, Deputy Minister for home Affairs Nickson Chilangwa who is also campaign manager and Rodgers Mwewa Agriculture deputy Minister among others.

There is only one opposition MP from the 14 MPs who is MMD’s Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima who is also campaign manager in Mansa.

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