Sata causes Great North road works to stall as road gets more dangerous

Road repairs along the Great North Road in Kapiri Mposhi have stalled because the contractor has not been availed the drawings and designs by the Road Development Agency (RDA) falling under ailing dictator Michael Sata’s office, but the move has made the busy highway more dangerous as the road has been ripped off.

The state house controlled RDA engaged Roads and Paving Construction to repair some sections of the Great North Road but the contractor has discontinued works after ripping off some significant stretches of the tarmac but RDA has not yet procured a consultant to do the drawings and designs for contractual scope of works due to the bureacracy associated with road tenders and the insatiable appetite by Sata to be involved in all road works.

“It is difficult to do a timely job since he (Sata) wants to control everything that has to do with roads, Engineers who are supposed to execute tasks are working under fear, so if there is this mess the President should shoulder responsibility,” said the source.

This came to light when Central province Deputy Permanent Secreatary Ronald Sinyanwe inspected the progress of works. Sinyangwe,  flanked by Kapiri District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe advised the contractor to expedite the road works noting that the ripped stretches on the road have become dangerous to motorist.
The duo noted that the ripped off road sections  also compromised security on the busy high way because the areas are being used as ambush spots for stealing valuable goods in transit from moving vehicles and also poses a health hazard to shop owners and residents due to the heavy dust emmissions.

There is rampant theft of goods in transit at the ripped off sections of the road where thieves are making-off-with goods such as copper, fuel and other valuable from moving vehicles.

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