Sata celebrates beating of Fr Bwalya

Sata celebrates beating of Fr Bwalya

ZAMBIA-VOTE-SATAPresident Sata yesterday celebrated when he saw photographs of Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya splashed with Opaque beer. A source from State House has disclosed that Mr. Sata laughed out loud when he was shown photographs of Father Bwalya by his aide George Chella.

The source said Mr. Sata in the presence of his personal secretary a Mrs. Mwanza, his former driver now Private Secretary a Mr.Gondwe and Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chella  shouted in Bemba “ Bamuchita Bwino” meaning good lesson.

The source said it seems as though the pouring of Chibuku (Opaque beer) on Father Bwalya was well planned because there was among the cadres a person with a hidden camera that photographed the whole ordeal.

“I think it was well planned that is why Father Bwalya said he was tipped because about five photographs were sent to George Chella through Copperbelt Province Youth Chairperson Chanda Kabwe who is one of the senior intelligence officers Sata has recruited though he disguises as a youth chairperson” the source said.

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