Sata chases grey-haired OP officer thinking he had bald head, attacks diplomats

President Michael Sata this morning gave marching orders to one of his intelligence security officers, accusing him of having a bald head when in fact the man had grey hair, according to Zambia Reports

The president, as usual, walked to the auditorium and immediately picked on people with bald heads.

He spotted one of his intelligence officers who was standing on his far right and took him to task for being at his event without hair on his head.

This shocked the diplomats who murmured among themselves from the entrance of the auditorium where they were standing, forcing State House protocol to ask them to be quiet.

“Who is that man there? You, where is your hair, what are you doing here. Ba Chalabesa (his senior principal private secretary). Can you get this man out of here. I don’t want to see him at State House again,” President Sata said.

He said no State House employee or senior civil servant is allowed have a bald head.

“When I was a young man, when you don’t have hair it meant that either your wife is dead or you have run out of prison. How can you have a senior civil servant who has no hair on his head? Get him out and send him to Cabinet let him work from there, he is not fit to work at State House,” he said.

Later the un identified intelligence officer walked away without responding to the President and could not speak to the media about his ordeal.

He asked Mathebe were his hair was and later told him that women like Kenya’s new High Commissioner to Zambia Professor Ruthie Rono did not like men without hair like him.

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And President Michael Sata has warned diplomats accredited to Zambia to desist from visiting provinces in the country to inquire from the opposition about the governance of the country.

Sata made trhe remarks in apparent reference to British High Commission to Zambia who was in Eastern province last week’

“Please don’t go in provinces and ask the opposition about governance. Don’t be like one of your brothers, don’t do what he did last week going to one of the provinces to ask about governance.

“I will not accept especially you ambassadors touring the provinces asking about governance. If you want to ask about governance, come to my office or government agency

Sata says any foreign diplomat who wants to know more about the governance of the country is free to visit any government ministry for information.

He says he will not accept the tendency by some foreign diplomats of going round provinces inquiring about the governance of the country without following the right procedure.

President Sata said this at state house this morning when he received letters of credence from 13 ambassadors and high commissioners designated to Zambia.

Those that presented their credentials include Cuban ambassador to Zambia Caridad Gonzalez, South African high commissioner to Zambia Kgoshi Mathebe, who has replaced Moses Chikane, Kenyan high commissioner to Zambia Professor Ruthle Rano, who has replaced Dr. Kipyego Cheluget and Democratic Republic of Korea Ambassador designate Jo Yang Man.

Others are Hungarian Ambassador to Zambia Bela Laszlo, Irish Ambassador to Zambia Finbar O’Brien, New Zealand ambassador to Zambia Richard Stuart Mann, Ethiopian Ambassador to Zambia Koang Dung and Canadian high commissioner to Zambia Alexandre Levenque.

The rest are Christopher Salamanis of Greece, Koenraad Adam of Belgium, Agis Loizou of Cyprus, Dan Hayun of Israel and Touhid Hossain of Bangladesh.

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