Sata chose to take photos with girls when 90 presidents gathered for Mandela

As a Zambian, proud of our rich history and the fact that we help each of our neighbours achieve independence, I am saddened that I was not represented by our most high office of our land.

Where was the president when the world paused to celebrate the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela? Was it more important to meet with Chinsali Girls students?

Why is it that the US sent 4 presidents, the UK sent 3 Prime Ministers, even Cuba sent their president… and so did 90 other countries…. Why was is so important to prevent RB from going and for our head of state to meet school children?

Who is our leader representing? The people of Zambia or himself? I feel misrepresented and I think so do many other Zambians. Especially that Nelson Mandela saw it fit to Visit Zambia a mere 7 days after he was released from Jail. I was there to great him on the streets when he came to thank us. Why weren’t we there to bid him farewell?

Concerned Citizen

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