Sata says he is above the law

President Michael Sata says the police should investigate more corruption among his cabinet members, but that the presidency is off limits for anti-corruption investigations.

Sata made the comments when he swore in former Foreign Affairs permanent Secretary Peter Kasanga as Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Muyenga Atanga as Permanent Secretary for Works and Supply, and former Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Solomon Jere as the new Deputy Inspector-General of Police on Wednesday.

“You, Jere, I am very impressed with the police. you have performed very well,” Sata said.  ”I want you to clean up the civil service because the politicians will mislead you but you must investigate them.”

Sata continued:  ”Investigate all of them apart from me, who is untouchable.  I am the only one who is untouchable, just ask the Justice Minister. But the rest of them have to be checked.”

President Sata also alluded to the growing problem of single sourcing of public procurement contracts under the PF government, as numerous ministries have violated tender procedures to award major contracts to the first bidder – often through personal relationships to the sitting minister.

“You, Aranga, I removed you from Foreign Affairs to the Cabinet, because the civil service needs cleaning up,” Sata said.  ”Don’t fall in the trap of single sourcing, that is where corruption is entering from.  You must follow laid down procedure.  Some civil servants are still aligned with the MMD.  They want to frustrate our efforts you must clean them up.”

Zambia Reports

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