Sata claims RB will sale public schools

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata says President Rupiah Banda will sale government Schools if allowed to continue leading Zambia.

Addressing a relatively well attended rally in Livingstone Saturday afternoon, Sata said that President Banda was a complicated and sophisticated person whose leadership style has so many elements of corruption.

The PF leader said he felt sad for the people of Livingstone whose children attend government schools which President Banda and immediate past Minister of Education Dora Siliya intends to privatize if the MMD retained power on the 20th September.

“This was the noise the PF Members of Parliament and its leadership made to stop the leadership of President Banda sell government schools to themselves last year, so if you vote for them they will now come back and sale the schools they failed to,” Sata said.

Sata told the people of Livingstone that it was important for a government which cares for the people to seriously consider addressing issues of poverty and unemployment than destroying the institutions that have already been put in place.

He said the MMD government under the leadership of President Banda was only interested in enriching their own pockets than addressing critical issues of economic growth through the promotion of a sustainable tourism industry for the tourist capital of Zambia.

“How much have you benefited from tourism, nothing at all President Banda and Namugala (Catherine who was the tourism minister) are the only people benefiting and whatever they collect goes direct into their pockets,” said Sata.

And Sata said the ULP immediate past Member of Parliament for Livingstone central failed the people and had no option but to run away.

“Sikota is very brave he knew that he had failed to improve the conditions here in Livingstone and what he did was to run away and support President Banda who has promised him the position of Speaker of the National Assembly if he forms government, but this time I am giving you this man Joseph Akafumba to work with you for development,” he said.

Sata also promised to improve the living condition of the police officers and other government workers.

He said the current scenario where police officers were looking like refugees was pathetic and unwarranted.

On the UPND,  Sata said he was more experienced politician than Hichilema whose wealth should be scrutinized.

“I had so many opportunities to make money but I did not steal because my heart is with the people, I am not like these others who took an opportunity to sell themselves houses at a cheaper price during the privatization of state owned institutions,” he said.

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