Sata clears Tongas of authoring alarning letter

President Michael Sata has confirmed Zambian Watchdog’s investigations that the ‘fake’ letter purported to have been authored by Tonga hit squad was authored in Lusaka.

Speaking when he swore in Justice Minister, Winter Kabimba, this morning Sata said Tongas were very peaceful people who could not advocate for such violence.

A letter purported to have been written by a group of Tongas was posted in Mazabuka last week at the time Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba Mwamba, had travelled to that area and even featured on the local Mazabuka community radio station.

During the interview, GBM revealed his ambition to succeed President Sata and also justified his (Sata) appointment of relatives in government.

The alarming letter that was only sent to public media houses, the Police and Ministers themselves called for killing of Bembas in Southern Province unless the re-alignment of districts was reversed.

But Southern Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga, said Police were closing in on the suspects linked to that document which the Watchdog investigations revealed it was manufactured by GBM and Information Minister, Kennedy Sakeni.

Meanwhile, Watchdog investigations have revealed that the story in the Zambia Daily Mail was not written by Kalonde Nyati but by the company Deputy Managing Editor, Anthony Mukwita.

A source told the Watchdog that the reporter was shocked when she discovered that the story was attributed to her.

The source said previously Mr. Mukwita has been writing fictitious stories using the name of Dean Mwaanga but he could not do so this time because Dean Mwaanga has been suspended from Daily Mail because of suspected fraud.

The source said the name of Kalonde Nyati could have been used because she worked with State House Press Aide George Chella at the now defunct Monitor Newspaper.

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