Sata collapses outside Speaker’s Office

Sata collapses outside Speaker’s Office

Sata being helped to walk by his wife after collapsing

Sata being helped to walk by his wife after collapsing

President Michael Sata collapsed on the steps leading to the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly just after forcing himself to inspect a military parade.

And Sata cut short his address to the national assembly after running out of breath and interjections from his wife and assistants.

All Zambian journalists and photographers were blocked from covering Sata at short proximate but Zambian watchdog managed to capture Sata just as he was being helped to stand by his wife after collapsing.

His wife helped him into the Speaker’s office where he rested for close to 20 minutes forcing some MPs, including those from his PF party to wonder whether he was still around.

In the photo, Sata’s wife Kaseba holding the husband by the hand after he had fallen down and Watchdog reporters heard her asking whether he was okay.

After resting, Sata entered parliament but failed to complete his speech, skipped lots of pages as he struggled to deliver it and later had to be reminded to officially declare the National Assembly open.
Sata’s speech, in very unusual, and frail voice was punctuated with lots of unpalatable jokes and incoherent off-the-cuff comments that had no relevance to the speech.

In many occasions, his wife was seen trying to intervene, to which Sata publicly rebuked her for disturbing him.

Sata looked frail, pale and weak, but the medical team should be commended for making him walk the stairs of National Assembly and manage to inspect the guard of honour.

His motorcade was accompanied with an unusual ambulance with South Korean medical doctors.

As Fred Mmembe says, it was clear for all to finally see and hear that there are serious challenges, weaknesses, and lapses in the presidency.

For all who have known Sata long, it is also clear that some members in his party are very cruel to allow such a person continue presiding over hectic and serious national matters.



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