Sata confirms he wants to declareNkomeshya a paramount Chief

President Michael Sata today told PF subordinate chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II that he intents to bestow her as paramount chief.

Speaking during the launch of the US$1.6 billion Chirundu road bypass construction this morning, President Sata said there was nothing wrong with making her paramount chief.

Nkomeshya who was present at the occasion asked President Sata if it was true that he was biased towards developing her chiefdom because he intends to make her paramount chief.

“Your exacllancy pipo are saying you are bringing all this developmnt to chongwe because you want to turn me into a paramount chief…” Nkomeshya asked as Sata responded, “why not…?”

At that point Nkomeshya shied away and said “If that is the case then it is because you have seen that iam worth the title.

Nkomeshya was a strong campaigner of president Sata during the 2011 general elections.

She also forbid the former ruling party from conducting meetings with headmen and other traditional leaders in Chongwe constituency which she presides over.

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