Sata confirms his devil-like hatred for Chitimukulu

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has confirmed his hatred for Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people, Henry Sosala by openly declaring that he does not recognize him in spite of the traditional ruler being correctly installed by the traditional establishment.

On Monday, the Chitimukulu bemoaned the President’s hatred towards him which he has now turned into national policy among his cabinet ministers and senior government officials . On  Tuesday the president managed to crawl out of his bed to phone the editors at the independent Daily Nation newspaper to express and confirm his hatred.

State house sources have told the Watchdog that when Sata read the Chitimukulu’s complaint which was a lead story in the newspaper, he got so upset and personally phoned the newspaper to confirm that he does not recognize Sosala. The source also said state house staff were shocked that instead of leaving the matter to his Press Aide George Chellah to react or react through his usual facebook page, the head of state decided to personally phone the editors in a bid to intimidate them.

“You know the President does not hold press conferences, he only delegates young man Chellah to announce major national events or post on the facebook but we were shocked that on this minor matter he decided to personally pick up the phone and call the Daily Nation newspaper and hurled some strong words against the editor Mr. Richard Sakala,” said a top state house aide.

The newspaper of Wednesday, 14th May partly quotes Sata as saying “I degazzetted Sosala as chief Mwamba in 2013 and he cannot therefore be crowned as paramount Chief Chitimukulu…. I hope you will correct this tomorrow.”

The dictator’s hatred has been described as ‘devilish’ by Alliance for better Zambia president Frank Bwalya but Sata seems unmoved by his illegal interference into traditional and media affairs in the country. Many other church and civil society organizations have tried but in vain to advise Sata to refrain from such interference.

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