Sata considers Simuusa for top job to counter UPND’s growing popularity

Sata considers Simuusa for top job to counter UPND’s growing popularity

simusaaFearing the growing popularity of the opposition UPND which recently won parliamentary and local government seats on the Copperbelt, ailing dictator president Michael Sata is now considering newly promoted Foreign Affairs Minister Wilbur Simuusa to be his successor, highly placed PF insiders have revealed to the Zambian Watchdog.
The UPND has been giving ailing Sata sleepless nights especially with its massive growing popularity in the formerly PF strongholds of Copperbelt where the opposition party now controls most of the markets, especially the biggest one Chisokone market.
Just yesterday, former Luanshya Member of Parliament (MP) Roy Katongo Chulumanda together with over 200 other people among them former District Commissioners and Former Diplomats in the previous administration joined the opposition UPND at a meeting addressed by the party’s National coordinator Batuke Imenda and Chairman of Labour Mr. Percy Chanda.
Mr. Chulumanda once served as MMD Chief Whip as well as MMD Luanshya District Chairman along side president Michael Sata then as National Secretary in 2000.
Insiders say Sata, who thinks with his tribe not brain, believes that the only way to neutralize the UPND is by having another Tonga in the name of  Simuusa. Simuusa is also Nchanga MP in Chingola.

Simuusa claims to be Tonga but last time he was taken to Southern province to campaign he failed to speak Tonga.

It is difficulty to understand why Sata sees everything along tribal lines.

“Even the decision to elevate him to one of the top three senior cabinet positions, as Foreign Affairs Minister was based on this fact. But Mr. Simuusa is not even popular at all because PF has even been losing local government by-elections even in his constituency to the UPND,” sources said.
There has been serious in-fighting to succeed Mr. Sata who healthy has been failing at a fast rate, especially after the recent collapse at State House that led to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba deploy soldiers at Plot 1 and ZNBC.
Clearly knowing something that many Zambians are publicly not aware of, the GBM camp has been on a serious endorsement mission for Mr. Sata to run in 2016, a move that is countering the Wynter Kabimba camp that is also on a mission to succeed Mr. Sata.
Sources say the move by the GBM camp to launch the endorsements is for once well-calculated one that has taken everyone in PF by surprise, especially coming from someone who normally lacks basic thinking capacity despite having billions of ill-gotten wealthy.
“GBM knows Sata wont stand in 2016 or may even give-up before 2016 elections. The idea is that when Sata withdraws, GBM will easily be seen as the one who cared more for the ailing president compared to Wynter Kabimba’s camp sponsored by Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe that is secretly campaigning,” sources said.
But others close to the president now say the man also wants to do a ‘donchi kubeba’ on both camps by anointing someone else like Wilber Simuusa to counter the UPND’s growing popularity.

Apart from being basically dull, Simuusa is boring and ‘has no presence’.


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