Sata continues blackmailing opposition MPs & chiefs; this time he is on Nkombo, Bbelemu, Mukuni

Sata continues blackmailing opposition MPs & chiefs; this time he is on Nkombo, Bbelemu, Mukuni

hhThe secret police has compiled dossiers for all opposition figures, NGO heads, influential pastors and traditional leaders at the request of President Michael Sata.

Those with ‘skeletons’ or any iota of anything illegal are being blackmailed by Sata to either join the PF or denounce the opposition.

Richard Taima was blackmailed because of the money he owes the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission.

Namugala, the now PF spokesperson in MMD was blackmailed for the questionable loan she got from NAPSA.

A similar fate awaits MMD MP for Lunte, Felix Mutati whose company is being investigated for various corrupt activities.

Edith Nawakwi was just shown what the charge-sheet would ll on her Carlington maize deals if she does not cooperate.

Currently, Sata is on Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo (in the phot with HH), Mbabala MP Ephraim Bbelemu and Chief Mukuni of Kazungula in Southern province.

MP Bbelemu is alleged to have some audit queries on the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission funds.

But Sata who said he was allergic to corruption is not pursuing these people for corruption but to use their issues for his personal gain.

Chief Mukuni is being black mailed and has been made to be part of the PF group recruiting MPs from UPND.

Before ‘randy’ Sikwela resigned, Mukuni had a meeting with Sikwela and Sata’ Principle Private Secretary Francis Chalabesa at Longacres Lodge.

According to government sources, Mukuni’s is implicated in the Ministry of Health scandal supply of baby kits.

Garry Nkombo has no personal issues per se. But the evil regime is sucking him in using his family.

One of MP Nkombo’s sisters is the wife of former Zambia Airforce Commander Sunde Kayumba.

Lieutenant General Sande Kayumba was in 2009 sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour after he was found guilty of abuse of authority of office.

Earlier in 2008 Kayumba was jailed seven years with hard labour on seven counts of abuse of authority of office and corrupt practices.

But the PF is using these cases to get at Kayumba’s brother in law. They are promising to drop Kayumba’s cases if Nkombo will agree to work against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. Sata is threatening to slap more charges on Kayumba if Nkombo does not corporate.

The PF has always dreamed of using Nkombo against HH. The last attempt where thugs like Opper Hamianze, boastful musician Edify Hamukale and others were paid to organise people to call for replacement of HH with Nkombo was put on hold after it was exposed right here.

The PF is on a mission to turn Zambia into a one party state by intimidating, blackmailing, and bribing MPs to join the PF. Seeing that they are failing to deliver campaign promises, the PF regime now wants to maintain power by force.

To achieve this, the regime has put in place a rigging formula explained earlier here.

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