Sata creates parallel OP structure headed by Xavier Chungu

Sata creates parallel OP structure headed by Xavier Chungu

Ailing Zambian Dictator Michael Sata has created a parallel structure in the Office of the President Special Division commonly known as the Intelligence.

According to highly placed intelligence sources, the parallel structure is headed by former Intelligence Chief Xavier Chungu and paid by the Zambian tax-payers under the already bloated government machinery that is operating under budget over-run.

The source said the creation of the parallel structure was born out of fear of each other between Sata and Chungu. The source said it was a marriage of convenience since President Sata knows a lot of Chungu’s dark corner activities and Chungu also knows a lot of Sata’s dark corner activities when both served under late President Fredrick Chiluba’s regime.

“We literally have two Director Generals of Intelligence, Mr. Martin Mwanambale who is Sata’s relative and Xavier Chungu the former Intelligence Chief who heads a structure of his own and reports direct to President Sata” the source said.

The intelligence source said President Sata was worried if Chungu aligned himself with the opposition because he knows a lot of secret issues among them the unexplained death of late MMD Deputy National Secretary Paul Tembo together with would be witnesses and the death of Late President Chiluba.

The source said Chungu is working with among others the 40 intelligence officers Sata recruited when he came into power including known PF thug Judge Ngoma. Others are former Finance Permanent Secretary Stella Chibanda and Electoral Commission of Zambia Acting Director Chomba Chella whom Chungu personally helped get a job with Habitat for Humanity Zambia.

The source said the development has created serious confusions in the administration of the Office of the President Special Division as the President may be embarrassed one of these days.

“It is very serious. One of these days President Sata will be embarrassed because the administration of the Intelligence system has become so porous such that the past activities of President Sata may even be known. I’m told some cases are even in court” the source said.

The suspicious relationship between Sata and Chungu was first revealed after 2001 elections when Sata was arrested for alleged theft of motor vehicles.

Chungu testified that Sata was a friend to the system and that is how Sata survived jail sentence. Facts on the ground however indicate that Sata stole the vehicles and that is why he returned them to the government.

Sata initially appointed Chungu as PS Luapula province but the appointment was withdrawn after wide public protests.

It is so far not clear how the relationship will work under the current environment where Mr. Sata is also held hostage by the likes of Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and others, the same people that labeled Chungu a crook, thief, and made sure that he was punished under the late Levy Mwanawasa’s Task Force on corruption.

Chungu also still faces corruption cases but these are likely to be dropped for now as he is a big government official once more.

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