Sata cuts short his Lusaka city centenary celebrations, attacks bald headed and thin men

Guest of honour at the centenary celebrations for Lusaka City Council Michael Sata today abruptly cut short his programme shortly after delivering his speech in which he verbally abused men with bald heads and thin. Sata only lasted 20 minutes at the civic centre.

Sata took to the podium at 10:15hrs and delivered his speech but shortly afterwards the master of ceremony announced that the head of state had a tight schedule and needed to be excused and ordered the playing of the national anthem to the amusement of many dignirtories who included diplomats accreditted to Zambia.

In his speech Sata told local government minister Emerine Kabanshi not just to be in the office but go to the community, and praised first President Kenneth Kaunda for being the inititor of the decentralisation policy. He also said it was illogical for a parent to give food to another child when his own child was starving, in sharp contrast to his conduct when he gave out fuel and maize to Malawi and Zimbabwe respectively at the expense of the majority Zambians wallowing in abject poverty.

“You men who are guarding and without hair, are you not ashamed, look at the beautiful women with plenty of hair in their caps, and those men who are thin… but I know those who are thin are from Chipata, Iwe Phiri upanga chongo nichani upanga chongo (You Phiri, you are making noise, why are you making noise)?” said Sata in an incoherent manner in reference to Education minister John Phiri who has a bald head.

Some dignitories who gathered for the celebrations described the President’s speech as ‘hollow and lacking substance’.  The Presidential motorcade later left the civic centre, venue for the event.

“The head of state must have taken this time to shed more light on some historic events that have taken place in this city, we are aware that anumber of protocols in the southern African region have taken place in Lusaka, we are also alive to the fact that COMESA is head officed here, so for him just to go comic is hollow and lacking in substance,” said a diplomat who sought anonymity.

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